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Kjell Vandevyvere
Fintech and VC writer crafting clear copy to clarify content and convert costumers.


  • Florian Franco

    Florian Franco

  • Heather Cooper

    Heather Cooper

    Pharmacist | Mom | MERN Full-Stack Developer | Continuously Learning

  • Sharissa Kuurstra

    Sharissa Kuurstra

    πŸ’₯ Content Warrior πŸ”₯ Online Marketer 🍫 Chocolate Addict πŸ• Pizza Lover πŸ‰ Rugby Player 🐢 Proud Dog Owner πŸ‡³πŸ‡± Dutch

  • Princella Talley

    Princella Talley

    Top Writer in Feminism. Public Voices fellow of the OpEd Project and the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication.

  • Jamie Russo

    Jamie Russo

    I write books, essays, poetry, and tweetstorms.

  • Firdosh Khan

    Firdosh Khan

    CA Aspirant ,love to write on finance, startup enthusiast and open to learn new skills.

  • Paul Mansfield

    Paul Mansfield

    A mage of the pen, whose magic springs from the telling of tales. An iconoclast who promotes all fiction, but whose love is Transgressive Fiction.

  • Adam Lopez

    Adam Lopez

    Sober creator | Writing about the fascinating human mind and body

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