How To Boost Your Website Speed With Just A Few Clicks

I increased my WordPress website mobile performance from 57 to 90, which was way easier than I thought it’d be.

Kjell Vandevyvere
4 min readJun 21, 2022


Almost exactly two years ago, I co-created a website named Top Three Guide. With my friend Loki, we spend lots of time researching productivity and mental health to create the ultimate “top three” articles on habits, flow and decision-making.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find traction on social media, and after about eight months, we decided to pursue other goals.

Now, around the tenth month, something magical started to happen. People started finding our website on Google.

And since that time, the number of organic visitors has increased month after month.

Notice that little bump at the end?

That’s the day I increased the website’s performance.

Three steps to increase your WordPress website’s performance drastically

Here’s how it started (more or less, I already did one update here).

1. Remove inactive and superfluous plugins.

Plugins, even when inactive, influence your loading speed. So delete all inactive plugins first.

Then check if you have any active plugins that you don’t actually need.

Since I recently installed Elementor Pro, I didn’t need WP Forms anymore, so I deactivated and deleted that plugin as well.

This took the performance from 57 to 64.

2. Install a website optimizer like SG optimizer.

I host my website on SiteGround, so I naturally have SG Optimizer installed. But there are other optimizers out there that are arguably even better.