How To Position Yourself As A Startup Investor

Five website fixes for different types of investors

Kjell Vandevyvere


You might think it’s easy to find eager businesses as an investor.

But there’s more to it than money.

I had a look at 5 Belgian(-based) companies that fund startups in different ways.

How do they try to stand out?

Here’s my verdict on their website’s 1st impression:

1. Birdhouse

This is an accelerator. And while there isn’t much competition in Belgium, they do a great job of explaining their benefits.

Fix: show some successful companies or a compelling video.

2. WinWinner

WinWinner is a crowdlending platform.

A bit more competition in that area but they do little to address it.

The website shows they understand their audience very well. However, they don’t try to convince them to find funding via their platform instead of another one.

Fix: A quick glance at crowdlending benefits.

3. PMV

This company offers all sorts of funding, from equity funding to loans.

Their copy could be a lot better. It addresses the obvious: “you need money”. But people want to know how to get it and they want to know PMV has a solution for them.

Fix: Use flexibility as a benefit. “You need money? We’ve got a suitable solution just for you”.

4. Trividend

They fund social impact companies.

The copy is clear about which companies they want to help. It’s not so clear how they can help. I’m not sure if it’s equity investing or loans, or both. It also doesn’t tell me why people should go with them.